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On-Demand Webinar

Employer Insights Report: The State of Cancer

Duration: 60 Minutes

Employers are concerned about cancer, and rightfully so. It's the top driver of employer health costs, and its toll on employees can be devastating. Are your benefits doing enough to help catch cancer early and protect your employees – and your business?

To understand employers’ perspectives on cancer and its burden, we teamed up with The Harris Poll to survey 250 HR and benefits leaders as part of our “Employer Insights Report: The State of Cancer.” During this panel discussion, we’ll delve into our findings, including perceptions on cancer’s impact, the importance of early detection, shortcomings in current cancer prevention offerings, and much more. Join us to learn:

  • Where employers invest in cancer benefits today and their priorities for prevention and comprehensive support offerings
  • How benefits leaders and employees perceive gaps in health plan-driven preventive care for cancer
  • How these leaders are evaluating strategies to alleviate cancer’s physical, financial, and emotional burden across employees’ cancer journeys, and on their workplace

Session Speakers

Caroline Savello
President of Color Health

Brian Marcotte
Former President of Business Group on Health

Arif Kamal, MD, MBA, MHS

Chief Patient Officer, American Cancer Society