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Informational Session: Color's Cancer Prevention and Screening Program

Duration: 45 minutes

Cancer is a leading cause of death in the US, and healthcare spending related to cancer is projected to reach $246 billion by 2030. To tackle the increasing costs of cancer, large employers and funds need effective programs that can improve clinical outcomes and reduce expenses for their workforce. To do this effectively, employers cannot solely rely on a cure or breakthrough treatments. The most effective levers you can pull for your clients today are early detection and prevention. Join us for an informational session to learn how Color's Cancer Prevention and Screening Program in Partnership with the American Cancer Society can help your clients move detection of cancer from Stage IV to Stage I to reduce cancer-related spend and extend population survival.

Session Speakers

Caroline Savello
Color Health
Terry Gilliland
Former EVP, Healthcare Quality and Affordability
Blue Shield of California
William Dahut, MD
Chief Scientific Officer
American Cancer Society

During this session, our speakers will answer frequently asked questions such as:

  • How Color’s program works with health plans and integrates with providers
  • How Color’s solution differs from and works with multi-cancer early detection tests
  • How Color’s program supports members post-diagnosis… and more