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On-Demand Webinar

Demystifying & Navigating Current Innovations in Cancer Care

In 2024, there will be over 2 million new cancer diagnoses, according to the American Cancer Society. But as cancer incidence and the cost of cancer both continue to increase at alarming rates, so do the number of technologies that emerge set to redefine how cancer is detected, treated, and monitored. With so many companies offering point solutions to support various points of care, it can be very difficult to understand how each test or service fits within the broader context of a complete, population-approach to cancer.

Session Speakers

Alicia Zhou
Chief Scientific Officer
Color Health

Dr. Bill Dahut

Chief Scientific Officer
American Cancer Society

In conversation with Dr. Bill Dahut, Chief Scientific Officer, American Cancer Society, we’ll discuss:

  • Some of the most promising new technologies in cancer diagnostics, such as advanced imaging techniques and liquid biopsies, delve into how these innovations function and their potential to change cancer diagnosis.
  • How these advanced diagnostic methods stack up against traditional tools in terms of sensitivity and specificity, and examine the primary technical and logistical challenges that need addressing to enhance their implementation.
  • Regulatory hurdles for widespread adoption, the implications for employers considering offering these technologies, and advice for consumers seeking these services.