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Facing the Cancer Cost Crisis: Solutions to Reduce Employer Spending

In the US, total healthcare spending related to cancer is projected to reach $246 billion by 2030– a 34% increase since 2015. With nearly 50% of the population receiving healthcare insurance through their employer, the lion's share of the cost increase has fallen on employers' shoulders. So much so that healthcare costs are now the second largest employer expense, right behind salaries – and cancer takes the top bill.

As healthcare premiums continue to rise, the only way for employers to combat increasing costs is to help their employees stay healthy and catch disease early. For cancer, this means encouraging prevention, early detection and driving healthy behaviors, making recommended screenings more accessible, and making follow-ups far more convenient than they are today.

Brian Marcotte, Advisor, Board member, and Former CEO, Business Group on Health sat down with Color Health's President, Caroline Savello to discuss:

  • The state of cancer expenditures today and what's contributing to the rising costs
  • The ROI opportunity of early detection and intervention
  • Practical solutions that will meaningfully bend the cost curve for cancer