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On-demand Webinar

Navigating the Early Cancer Detection Tools of Today and Tomorrow

Cancer has become the leading cost driver in employer health plans, imposing a significant financial and human burden. As employers seek ways to reduce the rising costs and enhance the well-being of their employees, early detection of cancer continues to lead as the most promising and effective strategy.

The landscape of early cancer detection is changing rapidly — over the past few years, new methods of early detection have emerged, screening guidelines have been updated, and novel at-home screening modalities have become more accessible. Now more than ever, employers need to be aware of all of the tools at their disposal in order to design benefits that can reduce cancer risk among their workforce. During this session, our speakers covered:

  • Recent innovations that make screenings more convenient and accessible
  • Multi-cancer early detection tests (MCEDs) — what they are, how they work, and their role in early cancer detection
  • The past and present of traditional screenings
  • How informed decision-making can shape effective strategies for employers looking to control cancer claims and improve employee health outcomes